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Creation of Latitude

In 2018, I led the creation of a new online opinions brand for | The Times-Picayune called Latitude. Our team chose the name to reflect the breadth of content we aspired to publish and the subtropical place where we live. We developed a strategy for expressing opinions through video, photo essays, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to complement our traditional editorials, columns and letters to the editor. We created a logo and full branding. The Latitude social media accounts within six months had one of the most engaged audiences in the company. 

300 for 300 Tricentennial Project

For the tricentennial in 2018, I and my colleagues on the Editorial Board spent more than a year choosing 300 people who made New Orleans the city it is today. Each person was featured in a story on and in The Times-Picayune and had a portrait done by an artist. The project culminated in a reception at the Contemporary Arts Center, where all the portraits were on display. 

Civil rights museum for New Orleans
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